Käffchen - Tasse



Coffee is the solution to all questions and exactly what you need now! Exactly for this reason, this cup is just right for you! It shows the people out there, from which wood you are carved and that you love coffee above all! So you are now perfectly equipped to provide maximum commitment in everyday life

ATTENTION: Envious looks from others guaranteed and completely normal! Because you have everything that one desires!

All products of our company are produced and shipped in Germany.

Delivery costs:
Germany & Austria: 3,95€

Delivery time:
Germany & Austria: 2-5 working days

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You can enjoy your hot drink with this mug at any time of the day. The unique motifs on each cup make every sip a highlight.

Sublimation cup with Duraglaze® coating
Glossy white
Dishwasher and microwave safe